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Audio and Video Cable Assemblies

Are you looking for customised solutions for non-standard length audio and/or video cables?

We supply many customers with exact length and multi-connector A/V cable assembly combinations providing a wide range of tailored assemblies to solve specific audio/video interconnection problems which preserve signal quality as well as providing a space saving solution for equipment designers and mixed media system integrators.

We stock and source a wide range of A/V connectors to cover most requirements including (but not limited to): -

  • 2.5mm Jack
  • 3.5mm Jack
  • 6.35mm Jack
  • Co-Axial (virtually any type)

  • DC (all types)
  • DIN Types
  • HDMI and DVI
  • RCA Phono
  • S-VHS
  • XLR
  • Q-G
  • VGA and SVGA
  • etc.

A/V cable assemblies can be supplied in small to medium volume from our UK manufacturing facility or higher volume and moulded assembly product requirements can be met from our East Asian production resource managed through Connect-2 Technology's ISO Quality Management System. 

Fully trained multi-skilled workforce........

Connect-2 Technology's fully trained, IPC certified and multi-skilled workforce manufactures a wide variety of interconnection products to customer specifications. Every product is manufactured under our quality management system approved to ISO 9001:2015. All customer orders are reviewed for key criteria and in-house drawings produced to reflect each fundamental process.

100% testing........

All functional assemblies are 100 per cent tested using one of our Cirris in-line test facilities or, where required, in-house custom test jigs can be built or you can supply your own test equipment to check specific functionality.