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"We have dealt with them for years, good quality and effective pricing."
Global Electronics Components Supplier, Hertfordshire.

"Always dealt with professionally and promptly, very happy with their after sales service and support, we have a good working relationship with them, very much a partnership!"
Hazardous Area Potable and Temporary Lighting Manufacturer, Sheffield.

"They offer us a bespoke assembly service with both delivery and levels of service being very good. A key thing for me is receiving delivery on time."
Global Manufacturer of Electrical Switchgear, Oxfordshire.

"We have a very good relationship with them and they provide a really good range of services."
A Leading Fire Systems Manufacturer, Tyne & Wear.

"They resolve any problems very quickly with very good technical support. We are extremely happy with them and they offer a very good service, staff are always helpful."
Specialist in Airport Baggage Handling Systems Manufacture and Integration, Hull.

"They offer a very flexible service with good pricing and what's more they jump through hoops to meet our needs!"
Manufacturer of Electrical Test Equipment, Durham.

"I recently 'trawled' the internet to find a company that could make some short ribbon cables for us, which I urgently required. Whilst the order was low value they were very important to me and your company was very helpful and manufactured the required cables quickly. I subsequently placed orders for other cable assemblies and found your people very helpful and supportive. Because of your help and support you are now our favoured supplier"
Controls Panel Manufacturer - West Lothian.

"We have a long term relationship with them. They are our preferred supplier and we developed our specialist product with their help as they offer a bespoke service."
Manufacturer of IEC Hazardous Area, Marine and Industrial Lighting Products, Glasgow.

"They are our preferred supplier."
Manufacturers of Transformers, Inductors and Wound Magnetic Components.

"Give them a try, they are very good and they work well for us!"
Electronics Supply Chain Solutions Company, Berkshire.

"A very good company, competitive on everything and reactive to what you want, great time frames."
X-Ray System Manufacturer - Co. Durham

"Very happy with the service we receive."
ATEX Certified Lighting Manufacturer, Tyne & Wear

"Very helpful, the production manager came to see me as we needed quite a lot of parts. He was very flexible, even adding products to the production line on our behalf."
Specialist Micro Controls Manufacturer - Tyne & Wear

"They provide us with consistently high quality assemblies which in turn allows us to sell a good quality product onto our customers."
Manufacture of Control Systems for Industrial Combustion Engines and Turbines, Teesside.

"Build quality is excellent, they always try very hard to give you the best price and do everything they can to help. They also speak to you in simple terms, no technical language which would be hard for me to understand!"
Fire Control Panel Manufacturer - Kent

"Efficient, very professional, very helpful, they do a great job and I would never think about going anywhere else."
Retail Biometric and Cashless Systems Manufacturer - South Yorkshire

"Friendly and offer a good quality product and lead time."
Sensor Equipment Manufacturer - N.Lincs

"Total efficiency and nothing is too much trouble, they always come up trumps, a very good company, I wish all my suppliers were just like them."
Refrigerated Transport Temperature Recorders - West Sussex.

"We are very happy with them. We buy from them all the time as they support our manufacturing process and are also very helpful people to deal with."
Manufacture of Compressed Air Treatment and Gas Generation Products, Tyne & Wear.

"They are competitive on price and offer consistently good quality. "
Electronic Manufacturing Services Manufacturer, Hampshire.

"A very good company to deal with, they even provide additional information and have a great turnaround time."
Military Communications Systems - Roxburghshire

"They offer good quality products at a competitive price, a good supplier to work with."
Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Fire Protection Systems, Tyne & Wear.

"Very flexible with good communication and always provide a good response time. "
Global Manufacturer of Power Protection Systems, Tyne & Wear.

"They always go the extra mile to help as best they can!"
Manufacturer of Vehicle Safety Products, Yorkshire.

"They deliver on time and are good at keeping you up to date, their pricing structure is good and they are very reliable."
Electronic Subcontract Services Manufacturer, North Yorkshire.

"An excellent company, always a positive response, I would not go anywhere else, they do exactly what it says on the tin!"
Advanced Electronics for Robots - Norfolk

"Very happy with the service"
Explosion Proof Equipment Manufacturer, Tyne and Wear

"They are competitive on price and offer good quality"
Electronic Manufacturer, Borden

"They offer good quality products at a competitive price, a good supplier to work with."
Fire Protection, detection, suppression and control products manufacturer, Buckinghamshire

"They offer us a bespoke service, delivery and service is very good. Key thing for me is receiving delivery on time; keep going as they are."
Electricity Generating & Distributing Equipment Manufacturer, Banbury

"They help us with our PCB projects, they are focused and flexible."
Electricity Generating & Distributing Equipment Manufacturer, Oxfordshire

"Very flexible, a local supplier, good communication and always a good response time."
Power Distribution Control Manufacturer, Tyne and Wear

"We chose to work with Connect 2 because of the service they offer and their prices; we have been very happy with them and continue to be very happy with them."
Electronic Controls Manufacturer, Hampshire

"They always try to help as best they can!"
Lighting and Soundbar Manufacturer, Leeds