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Printed Circuit Boards

Our sister division Cleveland Circuits is the single source for all your:

  • Non plated through hole (PTH) PCBs
  • Specialist Laminate Processing - Rogers, Taconic, Nelco and Arlon
  • Double Sided PTH PCBs
  • Mulit-Layer PCBs (up to 20 layers)
  • Thermal Management PCBs
  • PCB Assembly & Test Services
  • PCB Development & Reverse Engineering

Cleveland Circuits is a sister company of interconnection and contract electronics manufacturer Connect-2 Technology. Manufacturing printed circuit boards for over 43 years Cleveland Circuits allows customers to specify custom manufactured Single sided non Plated Through Hole (PTH), Double Sided PTH and Multi-layer PCBs, alongside PCB assembly & test services and PCB development and Engineering. Using our many years of experience and know how, we have built a solid reputation for providing an efficient, cost effective manufacturing service for the UK electronics market. We are able to provide in-house manufacturing support for one off and small to medium batch runs with protected East Asian pricing support for larger volume quantities if required.

Our extensive range of PCB manufacturing technologies and services includes: 
  • Rapid prototyping service: 
deliveries from 24 hours
  • Non plated through hole (PTH) PCBs
  • Double sided PTH PCBs
  • Multi-layer PCBs (up to 20 layers)
  • Thermal management PCBs 
(insulated Metal Substrates (IMS))
  • Specialist laminate processing: 
Rogers, Taconic, Nelco & Arlon
  • PCB assembly & test services
  • PCB development and reverse engineering

We manufacture high specification PCBs and service some of the most demanding electronics markets in the world including: Military and Aerospace applications, RF antennas, Personal location beacons, LED lighting and security, UPS and power distribution, Fire detection and suppression systems.

Please follow this link to find out more about our PCB manufacturing capabilities.  

To see a selection of our PCB equipment in operation please see the video below.