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Connect-2 are a well-established UK manufacturer of custom made cable assemblies, wiring harnesses & Electrical and Electronic box build sub–assemblies, we have been supplying these products to OEM’s both large & small across a wide range of market sectors for over 20 years.


About Connect-2 Technology


Connect-2‘s reputation is based on our excellent engineering capabilities. We have the latest in automated wire preparation equipment, carry an extensive range of leading brand crimp & terminal tooling, coupled with a large inventory of wire, crimps & terminals. This means we are readily able meet your wire and cable termination requirements. 

Product Development

Connect-2 have worked closely with a significant number of customers who required assistance in bringing their custom design or samples to the market place. Our highly skilled & experienced team of engineers & technicians are on hand to discuss your requirements, offering you support and advice from the outset of the design process, including BOM creation, production drawings, creating product samples and prototyping through to the pre-production stage, and ultimately turning your design into finished manufactured product.


Connect-2 have the manufacturing capability to produce your bespoke cable assemblies and prepared wires ready for your application. The flexibility of our manufacturing processes mean we are able to produce small single batches through to multiple large volume runs.

Alongside this we offer a Comprehensive Electronic box build service - whether your requirement is for full product build or sub-assemblies we have the Electrical & Mechanical know-how to facilitate your design & specification build requirements.

Connect-2 provide a fully tailored order and delivery format, including single or multi-drop schedules, kan-ban systems  or buffer stocks for key materials that may have long lead-times, all centred around suiting your individual requirements.  All formats provide JIT deliveries, reducing your stock holding and aiding your production efficiency.


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