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Fully trained multi-skilled workforce

Connect-2 Technology's fully trained multi-skilled workforce manufactures a wide variety of interconnection products to customer specifications. Every product is manufactured under our quality management system approved to ISO 9001. All customer orders are reviewed for key criteria and in-house drawings produced to reflect each fundamental process.

100% testing

Connect-2 Technology have the ability to 100% test functional assemblies using one of our Cirris in-line test facilities or, where required, in-house custom test jigs can be built to check specific functionality.

Highly integrated electronic manufacturing system

All aspects of our business are controlled by a fully integrated electronic manufacturing system that links sales and purchase functions via Manufacturing Resource Planning. MRP optimises capacity and production scheduling.

Full use is made of shop-floor data collection via barcoded processes to track the progress of each batch as it travels through the facility. 

Customers are welcome to liaise with our production planners to monitor the progress of their orders or discuss scheduling revisions to suit their changing requirements.