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Hazardous Area Cable Assemblies

Customised solutions for a wide variety of hazardous area cable assemblies........

Connect-2 Technology has been actively manufacturing hazardous area cable assemblies for a number of specialist customers for many years.  The company is highly experienced in the expert assembly procedures required during the production processes for the manufacture of all intrinsically safe cable assemblies.  We offer a skill set that is necessary to correctly maintain the manufacturer’s connector configuration and integrity, ensuring the completed assembly does not compromise the explosion-proof design.   

Connect-2 Technology currently produces a large number of hazardous area cable assemblies utilising most of the leading ‘ATEX/IECEx’ compliant connectors such as: - 

  • Appleton ATX
  • Crouse-Hinds CEAG
  • Marechal Electric
  • R. STAHL 

Completed assemblies are destined for use with portable or stationary electrical and lighting equipment in Gas: Zone 1 and Zone 2, Dust: Zone 21 and Zone 22 areas within Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Civil Utilities, Food Processing Plants, Loading Docks, Maintenance Bays, Marine Industries, Onshore and Offshore Platforms, Pharmaceutical Industries, Refineries, etc.

Fully trained multi-skilled workforce........

Connect-2 Technology's fully trained multi-skilled workforce manufactures a wide variety of interconnection products to customer specifications. Every product is manufactured under our quality management system approved to ISO 9001. All customer orders are reviewed for key criteria and in-house drawings produced to reflect each fundamental process.

100% testing........

All functional assemblies are 100 per cent tested using one of our Cirris in-line test facilities or, where required, in-house custom test jigs can be built to check specific functionality.