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For over 20 years Connect-2 Technology has provided customers with a high quality box build and panel wiring service including electronic and electromechanical sub assembly and DIN rail assembly solutions

In-Depth Knowledge...

Connect-2 Technology employ a dedicated electro-mechanical assembly team utilising a range of specialist equipment, light hand tools and heavy-duty tools. Combined with our extensive and well-established supply chain giving us access to a wide range of electrical & electronic components, drilled and formed metalwork with various coatings, plastic housings, boxes and covers, potting and encapsulation means we are capable of meeting your requirements.

Considerable Savings...

Our service allows customers to make considerable savings in regards to production labour, procurement and inventory costs. Customers purchase the final assembly under one part number reducing the number of orders placed, inventory management overhead and individual component stocking costs. Connect-2 Technology can also offer UK manufactured and assembled PCB’s to your specification with your box build requirement through our sister division Cleveland Circuits. Further reducing your purchasing, stock holding and inventory management costs.

Connect-2 Technology work to a partners in production ethos with many of our customers previously manufacturing their assemblies in-house. Having recognised outsourcing to a specialist contract manufacturing company frees them from non-core activities and allows a reduction in unit cost we have continued to expand on the products we supply to our box build customers as well as bringing new customers on board who also see the significant benefits. Our box build services include wired DIN-rail assemblies, small panel wiring, final product assembly and much more.

Our box build assemblies are used in a broad and varied range of sectors including power distribution, medical, water treatment, security and many more. Whatever the application Connect-2 Technology can deliver quality, repeatable, on time product at the right price.

If you require box build services please CLICK HERE or call 01642 492220 to speak to one of our friendly and knowldegeable team now.

We understand transferring production sometimes requires the transfer of data and specification detail that has not been documented, if this is the case Connect-2 in-house engineering team are happy to assist in the creation of build files and production drawings. Our engineering teams are well versed in box build manufacturing and can suggest subtle changes to increase manufacturability, decrease component costs and ensure quality throughout.