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For over 20 years Connect-2 Technology has provided customers with a significant resource for small box, panel build & associated wire applications including electronic/electrical sub assembly and DIN rail assembly solutions.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Our well established and extensive supply chain gives us access to a wide range of electrical and electronic components, PCB & interconnection assemblies, drilled & formed metalwork with various coatings, plastic housings, boxes and covers and an option for encapsulation and potting; this means we are capable of meeting your requirements.

Considerable Savings

Our service allows customers the opportunity to make considerable savings in terms of production labour, procurement and inventory costs associated with stocking electro-mechanical hardware. Customers purchase the final assembly under one part number rather than ordering and stocking multiple individual components; when taken together the cost savings are significant. 

In Depth Knowledge

Connect-2 Technology employ a dedicated electro-mechanical assembly team utilising a range of specialist equipment, light hand tools and heavy duty tools. Supported by our full in-house technical engineering team, together with purpose built test kit and in-depth knowledge of mechanical practices and electronic components; this ensures strict conformance to customer drawings, specifications and instructions.

Flexible Supply

Connect-2 Technology can provide a range of flexible supply options including order scheduling, single or multiple order deliveries and kan-ban style pull order replenishment systems.

Many of our customers have previously manufactured their electronic interconnection and sub-assemblies in house but have determined that out-sourcing to a specialist cable and wiring company will free them from non-core activity and reduce unit costs. The transfer of production can sometimes require data and specification detail which has not been documented, and if this is the case Connect-2 Technology are happy to assist in the creation of build files.

If you are looking for Partners in Production who will work with you in the transfer and manufacture of your electronic inter-connection requirements Connect-2 Technology would welcome the opportunity to add your company to our ever growing list of satisfied customers.

If you have a requirement for electronic box build or electro-mechanical assemblies or would like to discuss your next project please complete our electronic box build enquiry form and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will contact you, alternatively telephone: 01642 492220 to speak to one of our team immediately.