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Industrial Rectangular Cable Assemblies

Expertise in manufacturing a wide range of industrial rectangular cable assemblies......

Over a period of two decades Connect-2 Technology has built on its experience in building a wide scope of industrial cable assemblies for a varied range of customers and market areas to become a trusted supplier of choice. The company can provide a solution for most customer requirements by making full use of the company’s technical and production expertise, together with its manufacturing resources and utilising a wide range of industrial rectangular connector ranges such as Harting’s Han series; Molex’s HTC and HMC series; AMP’s HA, HA.3, HB, HD, HIP and EMV series.

Industrial rectangular connectors are designed for rugged applications with a number of distinctive design features such as resilient metal hoods with easy locking/clamping mechanisms, customisable removable modular housing insert configurations as well as a range of circuit and amperage choices to meet a diverse range of power and signal needs.  Most manufacturer's ranges accommodate from a few mV up to 5kV with currents up to and over 500A and provide the ability to mix signal and power circuit modules locked together in a single housing.  Flexible cable clamp options, which provide for a wide range of multi-core cable and mixed single wire requirements also offer further options in terms of screening, flexible braid and conduit preferences.