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Cut and Prepared Wires

Cut and Prepared Wires: cable preparation, wire cutting, wire stripping, wire tinning and wire termination to exacting standards.......

Many of our customers require considerable numbers of straightforward single lengths of wire processed with a wide variety of end-preparation options, ranging from insulated and un-insulated crimped terminals as used used in earth straps to precision tin-dipped ends and/or simple strip-length preparation.

An important factor in providing long-term reliable electrical connections is to ensure that all wiring is manufactured to the terminal manufacturers recommended specifications and tolerances. This will include precision cutting and stripping of the wire and crimp termination being made using only the correct tooling and strict conformance with the terminal manufacturers recommended tool settings. It is surprising how many times we still receive customer samples (either manufactured by customers themselves or second parties) with incorrectly applied wire crimp connections that may look OK visually but would not go anywhere close to the recommended pull-off force.


Quality a high priority

The quality practices and disciplines within Connect-2 Technology ensure customers always receive product manufactured to comply with specific recommended pull-off forces, ensuring long-term reliable connections.

We utilise a wide range of high-speed wire processing and termination equipment to enable fast and efficient production of medium/large quantities of terminated and/or prepared single wires quickly and accurately. Our tooling bank covers a vast range of both insulated and un-insulated terminals from AMP, Cembre, Elcon, Harting, JST, Molex, Takbro, etc.

A wide scope of industry sectors

We supply customers across many industry sectors including: - Aerospace and Defence, Communications and Data, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Control, Instrumentation, Power and Energy, Rail and Transportation. Typically, single wire ranges are from 0.03mm² to 10mm² (32AWG – 8AWG) for automated processing and up to 120mm² with hydraulic cutting and termination.