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Connect-2 Technology are IPC-A-620 certified

Connect-2 Technology are pleased to announce all cable assembly manufacture is now carried out in accordance with IPC-WHMA-A-620, the industry consensus standard for cable assembly manufacture and installation.

IPC forms the basis of quality and acceptability throughout Connect-2 Technology's manufactured output with the benefits to our customers being threefold; quality, responsibility and efficiency. Our certified in-house trainers carry out detailed and ongoing training to ensure you receive consistant and reliable quality.

Connect-2 have a wide range of cable assembly, wiring harness, box build and final build experience, gathered and improved over almost 25 years of trading. We offer technical support and advice in the most appropriate materials and methods to bring your product to market or realise tangible cost saving through alternate material use.

If you need cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, modular or final electrical or electronic build contact one of our sales team today who will be happy to discuss your project.


If you require IPC certified Wiring Looms & Harnesses manufactured to your specification follow the link below to request a quote

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Alternatively call 01642 492220 to speak to one of our team now