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Corporate Social Responsibility

Cleveland Technologies Group are committed to being a responsible business in how we work with our customers, employees, the wider community and the world around us.

It is important that we are a socially responsible organisation and our approach therefore reflects this. We recognise that: 'Our activities as a business can have an impact. We are committed to not only managing that impact but also using the resources we have in making a real and sustainable positive difference.'



We are actively involved in supporting and developing the local and wider community to make a lasting positive impact.



We work hard to ensure that the impact our business has on the environment is minimised.


Our People

CTG will respect human rights and will not engage in any discrimination. The company will preserve and improve its corporate strengths through the development of its employees, all the while respecting the character and individuality of each employee.


Fairness and Integrity in Business Activities

CTG will continue to develop its business activities in compliance with relevant laws, international regulations and internal rules. The company will act responsibly and will respect the highest social standards.


Compensation and Working Hours

Wages, including overtime, working hours and benefits, shall comply with UK law, including those relating to minimum wages and legally mandated benefits.


Authorised by Andrew. H. Gleghorn; Managing Director