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Virtual Technical Sales Meetings

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Connect-2 offer virtual or on-site meetings to best suit your needs

Our new Virtual Meeting area has been kitted out with cameras and sound for large and small meetings, detailed and high resolution engineering consultations, project scoping and technical solution discussions.

We can talk, show you examples of our work, review your build requirements and just about anything else a face to face meeting could achieve. 

A benefit of a virtual meeting is that you can choose to meet manufacturing engineers, QA engineers and members of the management team and have the relevant people from your side interact with their opposite numbers here, all without leaving your premises.

We aimed to create an environment as close as possible to a face to face meeting so we can continue to offer our customers the same insight, manufacturing and product confidence and engineering support as we could before the current restrictions and safety regimes became necessary.

Don't be shy, we are not experienced broadcasters either but we will try to be as helpful and informative as we can until travelling returns to normal.

If you are not sure you have the ability to digitally link up with us just give us a call on 01642 492220 and we will offer advice on this too. After all it is more important than ever to get us all working effectively again.

We look forward to helping you.