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Connect-2 Technology are your partner in production for wiring looms & harnesses

Wide ranging skills and disciplines…



From simple control panel assemblies to complex switchgear wiring looms Connect-2 Technology has the necessary wide ranging skills and disciplines to produce virtually any requirement demanded from a wide ranging base of industrial OEM customers.

Through our highly skilled and continuously trained production and technical staff we provide a quality assured service that offers reliability of product and delivery within agreed time frames. Our wiring loom assembly cell can provide additional services to support the incorporation of sub-assemblies such as DIN rail wiring, switches, indicators, small panels, etc. All looms and wiring harnesses are subjected to in-process inspections, and 100% mechanical and electrical quality testing of each and every item. In addition we also offer customised labelling and individual packaging to suit each customer's requirements.

Connect-2 Technology is an ideal manufacturing partner.......

Whether you are early or late in the specification process, our engineers are available to convert your drawings, prototypes or design concepts in a timely manner. On the other hand, if you are already passed the design stage with completed drawings and specifications we are uniquely positioned to meet your price and delivery targets. Due to our wide-ranging electrical/electronic cabling experience combined with strong supply chain management, we make an ideal manufacturing partner.

We manufacture low, medium and high volume batches of a diverse range of wiring looms including:- 

  • Alarm and security wire looms
  • Battery wiring looms
  • Control wiring looms
  • Electrical cable and wiring looms
  • Electro-mechanical wire looms
  • Industrial wiring looms
  • Multi-conductor cable looms
  • Panel wiring looms

If you require Wiring Looms & Harnesses manufactured to your specification follow the link below to request a quote

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Alternatively call 01642 492220 to speak to one of our team now